• This International competition is open to all VR game developers, be they individuals, start-ups or more established studios.

• Submitted games must be a new concept that has not been published prior to January 2016

• Entries must be suitable for either mobile or PC-based VR and must be playable on DeePoon’s hardware.

• Shortlisted entrants from the first judging session will be required to submit their game for final judging on relevant DeePoon hardware (hardware and support will be provided by DeePoon)

• Entries will need to have at least one member of their team with a valid passport and able to travel to China on July 25th - 30th.

• To qualify for initial entry we need you must provide a full description of the game and key concept, Concept artwork/screenshots, Video and/or playable file, and the core details of the development team (team name, developer names, mails, engine used and project status with estimated launch date)

• Any entries after the closing date may not be accepted.


About DeePoon


Founded in 2014, DeePoon are a leading Chinese VR company that create some of the most popular VR hardware in China, including both mobile (V2 and M2) and PC-based (E2, frequently compared to the Oculus DK2) models. They shipped nearly one million units in 2015 alone.


They also run BoBo, the biggest mobile VR app store with over 2 million users and 60K monthly actives as well as a separate dedicated store for their PC systems. Their hardware is currently focused on the Chinese market, but will soon be available in western markets.

Visit the DeePoon developer site at developer.deepoon.com


DeePoon CEO Sunny Chen is a graduate of the University of Electronic Science and Technology based in Chengdu. Whilst at university he led a team to invent China’s first arm-mounted wearable computer as well as China’s first wearable micro-computer mainboard. This fascination with portable computing and head mounted displays continued until the creation of Shanghai LeXiang Technology Co (aka DeePoon) in 2014.


DeePoon’s core team includes over 60 members with an average of 9 years’ professional experience in the fields of machine vision, graphics engine, hardware, software, optics, industrial design, supply chain, marketing, etc.


Their advisory board includes world famous scientists in wearable computing, VR, AR, artificial intelligence.


DeePoon have already established themselves as a leader in the Chinese VR market with the current hardware lineup that is geared for all entry levels to maximise the potential as they expand to the global stage. Here are their latest VR contenders…

V-Series: V2

  • Match 4-6 inch intelligent mobile phone affect, within 20 meters range watch films 1045 inches screen
  • 59-69mm Inter-pupillary distance adaptive optics suitable for myopia users under 400 degrees
  • FOV 68degree
  • The actual shipments reached 30000 in first 4 months

V-Series: V3

  • Match 4.7-6 inch intelligent mobile phone affect
  • 57-72mm Inter-pupillary distance adaptive optics suitable for myopia users under 600 degrees
  • FOV 96degree
  • Pre-ordering on TaoBao Raising fm 18th Jan; within 36hours, reached 361% of crowdfunding target

E-Series: E2

  • Samsung AMOLED Low Persistence OLED Display
  • FOV Angle: 120 degree
  • Refresh rate: 75HZ
  • Delay time:19ms
  • Suitable myopia users:below 400 degree
  • >60% market share in China
  • Crowdfunding in JingDong on June 8, 2015,reached Crowdfunding target within 24 hours.

M-Series: M2

  • Official released on  Mar 24th,2016 in Beijing
  • First show: CES Jan.2016
  • Samsung OLED screen, 2K
  • Exynos7420,  32GB ROM+3GB RAM